Their sex life is already legendary—and, of course, they look fabulous together. But is Sofia Vergara really good for Joe Manganiello? More and more of his worried friends are saying no. Joe, 37, has battled addiction and has managed to remain sober for more than 11 years while turning his career into a monster success.

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But being with Sofia could be detrimental to Joe’s sobriety. “At one point, alcohol pretty much ruined his life,” says a source. “It won’t be easy to stay sober if the people around him are drinking—especially if it’s his new girlfriend.”

Sofia, 42, seemingly has no qualms about loving booze. She’s a fixture on the Hollywood club scene, a source says, and is the life of any party: She downed tequila shots at this year’s Golden Globes, threw back champagne at her birthday party in early July and even has a 3,000-bottle wine cellar!

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Joe’s idea of a good time, on the other hand, is “staying home together, cooking dinner for her and making love,” says the source. “He’s totally into her, but he’s hoping that she’ll rein in the drinking just a little—and that she won’t get bored with him.”

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