Isla Fisher stars in the romantic comedy Confessions of a Shopaholic, which is filming now in NYC.

“I’m having a great time doing it,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s fiancee, 32, says.

Is it hard to lose her Aussie accent?

“It is sometimes. It depends on the scene.”

She leaves their 4-month old daughter Olive to caregivers while she works on her lines.


How’s motherhood?


“Good,” Isla admits.

“She has a beautiful baby,” co-star Krysten Ritter tells me. “Working with Isla’s a dream. I love her, she’s fun, she’s hysterical. She’s funny, she’s very alive on camera. It is a lot of improvising and ping-ponging and trying new things. It’s a good time. We’re together all the time. Usually people are just bringing us coffee because they don’t let us out of their sight. I spend the day with her. I really like her.”

What does this shopaholic splurge on?

“Eye cream,” Krysten says. “Any kind of wrinkle cream, eye cream or anti-aging thing or hydrating cream I’m such a sucker for. I won’t spend any money otherwise — I’m so cheap — but I’m a big husk for product. I’ll spend a ridiculous amount of money on products.”

Watch for Confessions of a Shopaholic in theaters later this year.

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