At the Modeless Fashion show for Target, OK! spoke to Issac Mizrahi and Mossimo who had cold weather on the brain.

With the holidays hot on our heels, OK! had to know what these legendary designers had in mind for dressing for the holiday season. Mossimo suggested, “Sort of glamorous. A nod to luxury. Very clean.”

Also on his list of must-haves “women’s wear that is fairly men’s wear inspired. A lot of outer wear. A lot of texture in fabric.”

Meanwhile, Issac Mizrahi couldn’t really nail it down for OK! “It’s a very broad and varied thing. I can’t really say one style. Like the holiday collection needs to be seasonless and the right weight that it can move into spring.”

This is the best tip by far: “For me, fashion is something that should be acceptable and should be inexpensive.”

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