As ‘Society Editor’ of OK! and a nightlife writer since
before I was legal to drink, colleagues, friends and acquaintances are often
asking me where to go on any given night. I’ll usually ask them what kind of
scene they’re looking for and then rattle off a list of places and the
highlights of each. It’s my job to go out and I go to various parties and
events at a gamut of venues three to five days a week, so asking my opinion is
logical and I have no problem offering suggestions.


This is the reason I am completely perplexed that when I
have a night off to do whatever I want with my friends, no places I had to be or
should be at, just a night to hang with friends looking only for fun and cute
boys – I have no idea where to go!


My roommate Amber Feld has worked in fashion in NYC the
seven years we’ve been living here together (she recently relocated to LA but
has been residing on my couch the last four weeks so we both forget she even
moved). She also goes out a lot and knows the fun places to see and be seen.
Yet, when left to our own devices, she doesn’t know where to go either.


Case in point last night – we got dressed up, went to dinner
with our friend Chrissie Miller, who owns trendy clothing Sophomore NYC , and
were excited to go random bar-hopping and not come home until we each had the
phone number of at least one cute boy. The second part of that equation should
have been the most difficult, but we never even made it through the starting
gate – we never found a bar to go to! We walked past several and peaked our
heads in, but they were all too packed with people partying on a Friday night
and we didn’t want to buy drinks and then stand in a crowd like a couple of
wallflowers. After walking by a few bars my feet hurt, we were fading and we
walked in my house just before midnight, both falling asleep watching the late
shows – thousands of bars in NYC and no place to go, millions of channels on TV
and nothing on.

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