And she’s going to party like she’s over 21, finally.

I caught up with Amanda Bynes the other day at an afternoon mock-cocktail party at the Sunset Marquis to celebrate her Seventeen Magazine cover and clothing line Dear by Amanda Bynes for Steve and Barry’s.

Over fruit juice concoctions and strawberry shortcake I learned that we don’t not hear about Amanda’s escapades because she’s better at covering them up than some other notorious young Hollywooders, she’s just that good! But, she’s not boring, she’s actually pretty funny.

She said people have never caught her flashing her undies for the paps because ‘You shouldn’t do anything your don’t want your parents to see (hers read the mags) and your parents shouldn’t be seeing your panties.” Ok, will give her that one.

She said she doesn’t go out because “Every time I get drunk I puke, so it’s not so exciting and I’m not a big drinker.” Maybe she needs more practice?

Her favorite club is Marquee in NYC. It’s the last club she’s been to –on her 21st birthday last year!

-To ring in her 22nd birthday this weekend you can find Miss. Bynes livin’ la vida Las Vegas where she said, “I’m really excited to go dance in da clubs with my friends.” The festivities are slated to begin at Blush and then LAX, but her rare time out Amanda said, “We’re going to club hop to all of them.”


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