And I’m still eating last years candy! Before I got smart and decided to give away the gifts at my desk, today I consumed a healthy (or not so healthy) handful of Godiva chocolate-covered pretzels, two Godiva chocolate covered cashews and then I picked out all of the peanut butter-filled pretzels and sesame sticks from a bag of designer trail mix I was sent – as I sat at my desk reading ‘How to Get in Shape for the New Year’ stories that currently grace every mag’s new year editions. I don’t even usually like sweets!


Now I’m off to a colleague’s dinner. I’d actually prefer to work late as I’m currently overwhelmed planning Sundance dinners, cocktail parties and events for OK! to host on top of arranging coverage of everybody else’s fabulous premieres and parties AND trying to plan ahead for Superbowl events – which begin only two days after Sundance ends…and I’m still recovering from Vegas and wouldn’t mind going home and going to bed.


But, the dinner is for a co-worker who likes to celebrate her birthday- she’s also heading to Prive in Vegas to celebrate all over again this weekend – so I feel like I have to respect that because although not a big birthday person myself (you are or you aren’t), I know that when you have a party you generally, sadly, realize the ones that aren’t there sometimes more than the ones who are. I celebrated my last birthday in Peru, on a mission for Operation Smile where Molly Sims and I had a quiet birthday dinner in Lima. I think fleeing the country for my birthday is a tradition that I’m going to keep 😉 xo

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