Some people get stumped when asked their favorite Hollywood couple but in today’s culture of celebrity news everywhere -the best being in OK! 😉 – everyone knows so much about the Brad and Angelina’s, Tom and Katie’s, Lindsay and Samantha and Madonna and A-Rod’s of the world that you’re bound to have an opinion. My favorite couple is/was Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. Yes, I’m also a fan of The Notebook, but besides that, these two are, in my personal interaction, as cool people in real-life as in the film. They’re both beautiful, talented, laid-back people that just emanate a positive glow, even stronger when they’re together.

Although they recent called it quits, again, this time four months after caught-on-camera PDA confirmed they were together again (they met on the 2004 set of "The Notebook" and split in 2007), don’t close the book on them yet, there is still hope that the life imitating art couple could reconcile, again. It’s recently come to my attention that that Rachel’s younger sister Kayleen is actually dating Ryan’s DJ partner Zach Shields. The DJ duo, who call themselves Dead Mans Bones, play a regular gig exclusively at celeb haunt Bardot and sources tell me "Ryan loves music and they’re going start bringing in their friends to play and a bunch of new music acts." I’m also told, "Zach and Kayleen are going steady, so she’s around a lot." Ryan and Rachel claim, again, to have called it off, again, due to ‘very busy schedules.’ Hopefully one day Rachel’s schedule will be clear enough for her to join her sister as a DJ groupie at Bardot.

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