1a.m. on a Saturday and where was I? DISNEYLAND! Really…

Friday night my friends Eric Hutchinson and OAR had a show at the Nokia Theatre which I had to miss due to a prior commitment at my friend Rachel’s Moustache & Mini’s Birthday party – where we did keg stands! I even managed three push-ups during mine (is this something to still be proud of post-30?)
For this reason I made the unusual trek out to Anaheim tonight to catch their show at the House of Blues. Little did I know the House of Blues is located in Disneyland! It was my first trip to Disneyland and although afterhours, it was a fun first.
My friend Rhiannon is friends with Eric Hutchinson and I OAR so it was a perfect double bill to justify the road trip. The show was fun, as an OAR always is, and afterwards we walked across the street for drinks at Disneylands’s Lost Bar (taking a ‘yes, we’re at Disneyland’ photo shoot along the way). It was fun to catch up with my friend Benj, the OAR bass player who once graciously played an air guitarist in my short film project The Shmecret (it still lives on youtube somewhere) and whom I scrubbed into a surgery with when we went to Peru on an Operation Smile mission.  Then Rhiannon noticed another friend of ours randomly at the bar with the WhateverHollywood.com girls! Who knew that Disneyland post-midnight on a Saturday night was such a hotspot? Well, consider yourself informed 😉 xo

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