I read in today’s NY Post a new college called The new York Reality TV School recently opened. It’s goal is to groom people for reality TV and give them a ‘competitive advantage.” Was this really necessary.


With awards season starting in full force today the Tropicana Pool at the Hotel Roosevelt was taken over by a BET Oasis Lounge pre-show party and spa. Waiting for my 30-minute massage I saw film and television star Mo’nique enjoying a pedicure. She commented on the heat. I agree, it was a hot one, but after seeing the inches of hair on her legs that have obviously never come in contact with any sort of razor or wax in her 41 years of life, I can recommend a way to get cooler.  When the “Mo’Nique’s Fat Chance” star was offered some cool clothes from party sponsor Akademiks, she said, “Do those come in a size Sexy?” Which, of course, they did.


I postponed my massage because I heard Jennifer Hudson was on her way, due at any minute. After FINALLY seeing “Sex and the City” last night I was eager to interrogate her about the cast. After a half hour a text was received from her people apologizing that Jennifer would be unable to make it due to a ‘personal problem.’ The same ‘people’ text she was getting in and car en route just minutes before. People.

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