Michael Jackson has joined the ranks of other Americans in foreclosure. The singer, who owes a reported $24,525,906.60 on his famous Neverland Ranch, has received official word that his former home will be sold at auction, unless he can pony up the cash to keep it.

Jackson, who has been in a heap of debt for some time and no longer lives at Neverland, likely doesn’t have the money to hold on to the expansive property and so, come March 19, the ranch will be put up for public sale on the steps of the Santa Barbara County Courthouse.

A note of Trustees Sale was filed yesterday by Financial Title Company.

Hey, we know it’s expensive, but if you can come up with the cash to buy Jacko’s house, it comes complete with all of his personal property, fixtures and appliances, furniture and "all merry go round type devices," any rides and games. Woo hoo!


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