Relations have gone icy between Wyclef Jean and Jacob the Jeweler.

Once the Fugees star was one of Jacob’s best customers. Hell, he was one of the first rappers ever to name-check the jeweler on a record back in 2000!


But now the King of Bling, known to the authorities as Jacob Arabov, is suing ‘Clef for more than $300,000!


It seems Wyclef went on a bit of a spending spree between March 2002 and January 2006, racking up a tab of $765,100 with the Jacob and Co. firm.

And in court papers lodged in Manhattan today, Jacob, who’s serving two and a half years for lying to the cops investigating a money laundering operation, says the rapper still owes him $319,680 of it, despite "repeated demands for payment"!


Surely this doesn’t mean times are getting tight for former Fugee?

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