For actor Will Smith, there’s no bigger hero in his personal life than his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. "I look at this woman every day," he explains. "And I’m always like, ‘Somebody needs to honor you, girl!’”

And that’s exactly what happened Thursday when Essence magazine honored Jada at its First Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon.

In an interview with TV’s Extra, Jada opens up about the harsh difficulties in her early life that molded her into the strong woman she is today. “I watched my aunt and my mother go through addiction," the actress reveals. "And how they went in and out of rehab. It affected me a lot.”

Jada also says that, unlike some shaky Hollywood marriages, her husband of 10 years is the real deal. “Will doesn’t behave the way he does for me," she explains. "You have to do that because that the man you want to be. Will is that man."

And on the question of Jada’s top beauty secret, it appears that Will has a hand in that too, as she responds, “Lots of sex!”

To check out the entire interview, tune in tonight to Extra!

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