Jake Pavelka may have had his heart broken on the last season of The Bachelorette, but now he will have his own turn to break some hearts.

In an interview with Extra, Jake talked about being announced as the next Bachelor and the love he hopes to find.

Jake revealed, “I’m 31 and still single, so I’m doing something wrong out there.”

The southern gentleman may have figured out his problem last season when Jillian Harris let him go. Jake announced, “Nice guys finish last.”

Now being on the other side of the competition his odds of finishing first look good. “I am absolutely ready to settle down,”Jake said.

The flight ahead of him on season 14 of The Bachelor will most likely have a lot of turbulence. “I’ve had my heart handed to me. It was my high school sweetheart,” Jake said. “Boy, you never forget!”

Jake’s show premieres on ABC this January.

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