Get ready to bestill your beating hearts, Twi-hards — there’s a nude scene in New Moon but it doesn’t involve Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner (although both will bare some skin at one point or another). However, Jamie Campbell Bower, the cute blond Brit playing Volturi vampire Caius, will be taking it all off in a steamy scene.

“We just all sit there, completely naked, for one scene,” Jamie tells, talking about a scene that’s not in the book but was added to the next Twilight Saga film. “Yeah, it’s me, Michael Sheen and Christopher [Heyerdahl]; we just sit there, naked.”

Context, please?

Peter Facinelli‘s character, Carlisle Cullen, used to hang out with the Volturi back in the day, so the scene shows Carlisle meeing up with Aro, Caius and Marcus, only to find them relaxing in a bathhouse.

“It’s a full-body shot, and then Peter comes in, and it all gets a bit awkward,” Jamie explains. “[Carlisle] is clothed completely. They’re bathing in sort of a Roman bath kind of thing.”

Sounds hot.

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