Ghost Whisperer co-stars Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy are officially an item – well, more than dating, as Jamie revealed this morning on Ryan Seacrest‘s show.


"Yes, I’m just gonna say it, yes we are dating. Wow I’ve never said that!" he gushed.


Prompted by Ryan, he then said, "I, Jamie Kennedy, am dating, well actually we’re more than dating. We’re more than in love. We are …. we have an intense connection."

"I’m in love and I don’t care!" he adds.

A pal of Jamie’s tells OK! even more: "It’s been going on for a while. He was seeing a bunch of girls at once and then called them and told them that he was a ‘one woman guy’ and was in love with Jennifer. He’s always been a jokester but the past year he’s been trying to take his life in a new direction, grow up a bit, and he feels like Jennifer is his other half. They can joke and goof off but then he can have deep serious conversations with her."


It makes sense that he’s waited until now to reveal their status, as Jamie wanted to make sure she healed after her breakup with fiance Ross McCall.


"It’s been important that their friendship was solid, and ultimately he realized watching how hurt she was after her split from Ross that he had feelings for her… the rest just sorta happened."

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