Ashton Kutcher may be known as Hollywood’s prankster for pulling hoaxes on A-list celebs including Katie Holmes, Jessica Alba, Justin Timberlake and Lindsay Lohan in his MTV show Punk’d, which aired from 2003-2007, but Kutcher wasn’t the first TV prankster, says Jamie Kennedy, whose candid camera show The Jamie Kennedy Experiment ran from 2002-2004.

“I thought, hmmm, that location looks familiar,” said Jamie when asked what he thought of Ashton’s Punk’d. “I don’t know if they stole some of my ideas, but one of my executive producers left my show to do that show.”

Jamie has no hard feelings though and says he would like to do an edgier R-rated version of his hidden camera show based on Allen Funt’s movie, What Do You Say To A Naked Lady?.

“It was just a bunch of topless secretaries and guys would come in to apply for a job and they were topless and it was hilarious,” said Jamieat the Supper Club dinner party for his film Heckler at the Toronto Film Festival. “I want to do my version of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment with hot girls, some naked, where you can curse.”

If Jamie is serious, could Ashton compete with that?


By Laura Lane

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