Jamie Pressly may be busy enough raising a 2-year-old son and working on the hit series My Name is Earl, but the actress still makes sure to spend some quality time with her husband as she prepares for baby number two.

“A date night for us is being able to get Desi down, cooking dinner, and watching a movie and being able to get through the entire movie without falling asleep,” Jamie tells OK! while getting her hair jazzed up at the Access Hollywood ‘Stuff You Must’ Golden Globe Lounge.

And spending one-on-one time with her new hubby Simran Singh is crucial as Jamie professes to reporters that she does want another child one of these days.

“We were saying we would wait so were not doing anything right this second. I mean, we are having sex, but we aren’t trying,” the 32-year-old newlywed reveals while out in LA.

Regardless of the fact that Jamie wants to hold off on kids for a little bit longer, Valentine’s Day could always spark a bit of romance to help with baby number two.

“Hell, who knows? Maybe that will be the conception date!” Jamie gushes to reporters of her Valentine’s Day plans.

In the meantime, the starlet is just smitten with her new relationship as she tells reporters that, “We work very well together as a team, which is something I can say that we have never had. He knows when I have had a long day and he is good at giving the back rubs.”

But most importantly, “We just really love to spend time together and spend time with Desi. He is a really awesome dad with Desi,” Jamie reveals of Simran’s relationship with her son.

And while her entertainment lawyer husband gets along wonderfully with Desi, Jamie also confesses that her love for Simran doesn’t get too out of hand.

“This relationship is more romantic, but that doesn’t mean that we are eating spaghetti on the same strand or anything,” Jamie tells reporters on Jan. 16, “We’re not overbearing.”

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