Jane Krakowski beams with pride when she introduces us to her fiancé, Robert Godley (“G-o-d-l-e-y”) during the Cop Out premiere held this week at NYC’s AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13.

How did she know he was The One?

“Well, look at him,” she tells me, tittering.

The lovebirds announced their engagement last month, and clothing designer Robert caught her completely off-guard when he proposed over the holidays.

“He designed the whole thing,” Jane, 41, says, showing off her sparkler. “He’s a designer. It was a complete surprise, but I’m terrible at making decisions, so I’m thrilled that he designed it. I love it.”

Wedding planning doesn’t come naturally for the 30 Rock star.

“Oh, we haven’t made any choices yet,” she says. “We’re discussing with everybody here other people’s favorite weddings that they’ve been to, or ideas, or their stories. We’re just collecting ideas now.”

Being taken doesn’t dampen Jane’s sense of humor. She plants a kiss on the Cop Out poster featuring her 30 Rock co-star Tracy Morgan.

“I love this dude, too,” she says.

For Jane, working with Tracy is a delight.

“His favorite catchphrase right now is ‘don’t leave the funny on the floor,’” she says. “You’ve gotta bring the funny. We have such a brilliant crew on 30 Rock and they love laughing and being a part of it and supporting us. You can tell in the room when it’s working or when you need to pick up the funny a little more and put it into the scene.”

Here’s my pic with Jane:


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