Jane Krakowski may be among the fans dialing in to support Crystal Bowersox on American Idol tonight.

“She’s organic,” the 30 Rock star, 41, tells me during a Garden of Dreams Foundation rehearsal held at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall. “Organic is my favorite thing about her. I think that’s really who she is, and that’s when an artist in music can organically blend and then bring them to stardom. She’s not faking anything, I don’t feel.”

She continues, “As I think Simon said to her early on, she doesn’t seem the type that would be likely to want to be on American Idol, and then she changed her mind. I’m glad that she did because I think a refreshing new genre has been brought to American Idol.”

Watching the final contestants get whittled down has been a nail-biting experience for Jane.

“I love American Idol,” the Tony-award winning star says. “I watch it all the time. It’s one of my guilty pleasures. It’s amazing to see those people out there, and I think Ellen is a welcome judge to the table. She’s become the kind one in the group. She always finds something better to say, and always gives constructive and kind criticism. I think she’s great to have.”

In fact, Jane wouldn’t mind filling Simon’s seat when he takes off to pursue other opportunities in May.

“Yes, I would love to be a judge. Who wouldn’t want to be an American Idol judge? It’s an awesome, awesome show.”

Here’s my pic with Jane:

valeriejanekrakowski.jpgJane Krakowski offers advice, critiques and helpful pointers to help kids with their musical talents leading up to tonight’s Sixth Annual Garden of Dreams Spring talent show. The Garden of Dreams Foundation is a nonprofit charity that works closely with all areas of Madison Square Garden to make dreams come true for kids in crisis.

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