The devastating fires raging around Malibu caused Jane Seymour to flee her home just hours before performing live on Monday’s Dancing With the Stars.

“I haven’t dared think about it or talk about it ’til now,” Jane, who lives in Malibu with husband James Keach and their twin
sons, confided to OK! after Monday’s dance-off. “It’s scary. The fire is a quarter mile from our home, but if the wind changes, we’re definitely in the direct line. They’ve mandatorily evacuated way past our house. My husband really shouldn’t be there, but he wants to support the fire brigade and he has water pumps and two friends with him. He’s determined to stay there.”

Meanwhile, Jane ran for her life. “I grabbed the kids, threw them in the car. I grabbed a couple of pieces of jewelry, some passports and I ran.”

The elegant British-born beauty confessed to OK! that she’s coping with the stress as best she can. “I’ve been trying to focus and James keeps telling me he will leave if it really gets too frightening. He can escape either into the pool or run down the back of the property into the ocean and as the car is already packed and outside, I have to believe he won’t risk his life. He promised me he wouldn’t.”

Art lover Jane said she could lose priceless memorabilia. “I have costumes and clothing going back to the 17th century. Honestly, I couldn’t begin to take anything out of the house. I looked around and just [thought], if this goes, I really will have lost so much. I can’t even bear thinking about it.”

Incredibly, Jane, whose mother passed away on Oct. 1, was the embodiment of the phrase “the show must go on,” managing to perform a graceful rhumba with partner Tony Dovolani that had the judges comparing her to a professional.

By Carole Glines

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