Actress and stand up comedian Janeane Garofalo has taken a stance against female pubic-grooming in her latest special, If You Will.

“I feel like we’ve been conned into thinking it’s desirable to have that waxing done and that people like it. I really just don’t think that’s true,” the Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion starlet told Uinterview.

Janeane, a former cast member on 24, simply doesn’t think that males truly find a cleanly shaven woman attractive.

“It couldn’t possibly be true that there are a lot of guys who find adult females with genitals that look pre-adolescent that attractive. If they do, that’s a problem. I really do think that’s a problem.”

At the end of the day, the 45-year-old believes that the hype around Brazilian waxing is really just a falsehood.

“I think it’s a national myth that we have all gone along with for some reason.”

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