After last weekend’s riot during an NYC casting call for America’s Next Top Model left six people injured, former winner Jaslene Gonzalez offered her condolences to those involved… after she figured out what had happened in the first place.


When OK! asked Jaslene about her thoughts on the riot at the Valentino Last Emperor premiere and after party hosted by Quintessentially and Gilt Groupe, she seemed confused, responding, "As far as?" We then informed her there had been a riot, to which she replied, "There’s always a riot."


So did that freak her out?


"No! I feel like it’s just part of the excitement of the show," she replied, clearly still not up to speed. "You never know what to expect. It’s all types of characters and personalities. Why not cause a riot? It makes great TV."




Jaslene finally asked what happened, and said, "I have not been up to date. Oh! I didn’t hear! I was not aware, I’ve been like, M.I.A."


When we filled her in, however, she offered her condolences.


"It’s very unfortunate. I feel bad," she told OK!. "I wish everyone the best, and for everything to happen naturally and well for the girls. But for something like that to happen, it’s unfortunate. You wish safety and protection and the best."


As for the new requirement of a model under 5’7" to win the next cycle, Jaslene is nothing but supportive.


"I know many young girls who are short and are always asking me, ‘What should I do? Where should I go?’ For her to give a girl an opportunity to be America’s Next Top Model that’s under 5’7”, I think it’s something new. It’s definitely something Tyra [Banks] can do."

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