Maybe it was the dreadlocks or the heavy eyelids. Maybe it was the sentences that always seemed to tail off to nothing.


But right from the beginning of this season of American Idol, Jason Castro has been branded as a stoner.

Today, though, the singer told OK! that the reputation is way off the mark — and that he has never been high in his life!

Jason, who was voted into fourth place last Tuesday, says that he’s learned to deal with the stereotypes since he got his locks five years ago.

"I think that, especially with things like [Idol], people like to stereotype so easily," said the 20-year-old from Rockwall, Tx..


"Just because a guy is really easy going… People have always said that [about me].

"When I was younger I was real hyper and they’d think I was always drunk and I had never had a drink of alcohol until, like, last year.

"But the fact is I’ve never been high in my life!"


Jason didn’t help to dispell the image last week by singing a Bob Marley song, then when asked to expain why he had chosen the song, he reasoned: "BOB MARLEY!"


He went on to forget the chorus to Mr Tambourine Man, then told reporters that he had once watched an entire season of American Idol but had forgotten until his brother reminded him.

Regardless, he said today, "I don’t worry about what people say, and if they ask me I always tell the truth.

"But it doesn’t matter what they say — I just go about my business," he shrugged. Slowly.

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