It took a while, but Jason Lewis is coming back for the Sex and the City movie. Smith Jerrod’s alter ego can’t dish out on-set scoop yet — he hasn’t shot anything.

“I haven’t started my shoot,” Jason says at the La Dolce Vita in Aid of Sarah Ferguson Foundation event. “I start at the end of the month.”

The 36-year-old was present for a table reading and says it was great to be reunited, especially with Cynthia Nixon, whom he believes is “the best actor on the whole show.”

“I had drinks with the producers. It was friendly. It’s more their life. They’re working their asses off.”

So what does the script have in store for him and Samantha (Kim Cattrall)?

“That’s a clever question but I’m still not going to tell you,” he teased.

Last we left the photogenic duo, Samantha and the hunky Smith were going strong, but make sure not to call Jason a hunk in real life.

“It seems like you’re an inanimate blob if you’re a hunk, so I think that would be the downside.”

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