For Jason Priestly, playing the new Mario Kart shouldn’t come as a challenge. The former 90210 star is a skilled racecar driver who is off to the Indy 500 next month. When OK! met up with him at Nintendo World, he proved that however fun Mario Kart Wii is, it is not like being behind the wheel of a racecar.


“Mario Kart is supposed to be fun,” the former teen heartthrob says as he played against current heartthrob Chace Crawford. “I’m also a big fan of the Wii in general.”


In fact, he and his wife Naomi love playing it at home. “My wife plays more than I do,” he laughs. “We have a little competition in the house, suffice it to say.”


But don’t expect this father to divulge if he lets his wife win or she just simply beats him fair and square. “I’m going to abstain from this one and plead the fifth!”


One thing he couldn’t keep hush about is upcoming 90210 spin off that will be on the CW network. "This is what I understand of the new show, Kelly Taylor’s mom and David Silver’s mom in Season 7 got married and had a baby in Season 8. The daughter is the spinoff character,” he explains. “I don’t know how I know that, but that is what I’ve been led to believe.”

And as far as Hilary Duff joining the cast, he thinks “that’s pretty cool.”  He’s not sure if he will make an appearance on it since he’s been keeping himself busy directing and acting.


Jason can assure you one thing you won’t see him doing is writing a book, like his former cast mate Tori Spelling did. “I don’t think anything that interesting really happened,” he says. “As far as I was concerned, we were just a bunch of people going to work.”


Seems Tori thought much more of her days on set. “I haven’t read it,” he remarks. “Is there anything I need to know about?”


By: Alisandra Puliti

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