It was a night where the judges only seemed to agree on one thing — that Jason Castro was a huge letdown. And with only four finalists remaining, it seems likely that the dreadlocked dude may have sealed his fate in a night that highlighted misguided song choice and forgotten lyrics.

For Tuesday night’s live performance show, the remaining contestants were each charged with the assignment of picking two songs from the catalog of Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees, and neither of Jason’s chosen tunes appeared to impress the judges.

Jason’s erratic take on the Bob Marley classic "I Shot the Sheriff" had Simon Cowell gaping in shock at a performance he said "was as bad as I’ve ever heard," and which he likened to a "first-week audition massacre."

And then, when Jason attempted to dig himself out his hole with his rendition of Bob Dylan‘s "Mr. Tambourine Man," things went from bad to worse, as he forgot most of the words to the first verse! Following the performance, even the ever-optimistic Paula Abdul could only manage to tell Jason, "It is what it is." Meanwhile, Simon’s advice was much more direct when he said, "I’d pack your suitcase."

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