With a new season of Bravo’s hit fashion face-off Project Runway currently airing, last season’s champ, Jeffrey Sebelia, spoke to OK! to chat about the scandal surrounding his own season, and what this season’s round of fresh meat contestants should expect.

Regarding rumors of cheating during his Project Runway stint, Jeffrey, who has not one but two fashion lines — the high-priced Cosa Nostra and the new, more affordable Sebelia — tells OK!, “I gave it 110% every moment I was on that show. I know I couldn’t have done it any different.”

Aside from his fashion lines, Jeffrey opened up about his time on the show ,whose new season debuts tomorrow. And if anyone has some good advice for this season’s contestants, it’s Jeffrey. “Just go to win. Don’t trust anybody. Don’t go to make friends.”

“It was surreal. I think the most surreal moment was when I won,” he adds, “When you watch there’s music but when you’re there it’s kind of silent and the producers are watching you. There’s no parade.”

Although he admits that while on Project Runway he may have gotten in everyone’s faces and frustrated them, he does admit that without the show he may have been able to seize these current opportunities. “I would not be where I am without the show. Who knows where I would be?” he said. “I think all paths are different. I would be on a different path without it, but what I’m doing now for the most part is related back to the show.”


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By Jocelyn Vena

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