For a superstar actress like Jennifer Aniston, who can’t go out to the store to buy a bottle of water without being trailed by a phalanx of photographers and fans, there must be something tempting about the idea of giving it all up and becoming just another anonymous person going about her daily business. Right?

"Would I love a level of anonymity? Sure, there are times I’d love to take a moment," Jen admits in an interview in USA Today. "But that’s lonely."

In her latest movie, Management, Jen plays a traveling salesperson who lives a life without all the hubbub that the actress has gotten used to. However, she says, "It seems like a lonely existence that she has made and convinced herself that it’s comfortable."

But if Jen were to give up fame and fortune, what would she do with herself? "Probably something in the health industry," she says before realizing, "It’s too late to go to medical school. I’d travel. I’d go back to the years that I never did what I’d wish I’d done, which was travel Europe and backpack. That sounds slightly romantic… Maybe become a chef. There’s so much more to do. It’s almost overwhelming. I’ve gotten to a great place in my career. "

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