Oh Jen, don’t tease us!


Jennifer Aniston isn’t saying whether or not she’d be on board for a Friends reunion movie, but she knows she doesn’t want Ross and Rachel walking into Central Park with canes.


"They do want to know that all the time," she tells MTV News when asked whether or not a reunion is going to happen. "I dont think so, and if they do, they should hurry up."


Friends has been off the air – at least new episode of it – for years now, but that’s not the sole reason Jen thinks those in charge need to get the lead out of their pants and start working on it if it is a reality.


"Well, it’s been off the air, but you also don’t want it to be that reunion show or movie where you see — like when the Brady Bunch had a reunion and they were old."


As if Jen could ever look old, compared to normal human beings!


The former Rachel Green did get to have a bit of a mini-reunion with her co-star in Management, Steve Zahn – he guest-starred on one episode of Friends back in the second season as Phoebe’s ice-dancer husband.


"I did one show," he said. "I still have people walk up to me … all the time [and say], ‘You’re Phoebe’s husband!’ That was three days out of my life!"

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