After a quick trip to Los Angeles, Jennifer Aniston flew back to Miami via private jet, where she enjoyed an evening out on March 27, dining with friends at Cafe Sambal, a Japanese restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on Miami’s Brickell Key.

Aniston, who is calling the hotel home while she shoots the film Marley & Me, sat at an outdoor waterfront table with two men and two women and watched the sun set over the bay while enjoying the Japanese cuisine.

"She was wearing a white top and a huge smile the whole evening," an eyewitness tells OK!. "She chatted with everyone at the table, drank Smartwater and went unnoticed by most people at the restaurant. One guy seemed to take particular interest in Jen, but she didn’t seem all that interested."

The group spent more than two hours at the table — with Jen munching on food and smoking cigarettes — before taking off at 9:15 p.m. ET, accompanied by three security guards. "Everywhere she goes she has security," an inside source tells OK!. "One guy follows her everywhere like a dog, even to the bathroom. But she’s very nice with everybody and everyone in her party always seems happy to be with her."

Aniston’s film, Marley & Me, is based on the memoir of journalist John Grogan, and co-stars Owen Wilson and Eric Dane.

By: Jon Warech

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