After a minor gust of gossip turned into a full-blown hurricane over Jennifer Aniston‘s comment to Vogue that Angelina Jolie’s behavior was "really uncool," the former Friends star opened up to Oprah Winfrey on Thursday about her ex, her love life and her career.


"I didn’t say that exactly," she says of the "uncool" quote, adding, "That was, unfortunately, so not en vogue,  in my opinion… I basically just answered it as honestly as I could. I don’t go there. It’s a hundred years old, for Christ’s sake!"


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Although Jen, who’s returning to primetime TV tonight on 30 Rock, might not feel too kindly towards Angie, she’s got nothing but good things to say about her ex-husband Brad Pitt, saying she’s proud of him and his family.


"He’s done some amazing things in the last couple of years," she says. "So I just think he’s doing great."


And just to set the record straight on her current love life, Oprah had to ask, "Dating John Mayer: Yes or no?"


"Yes," Jen responded immediately.


"Pregnant or not?"




So if you’re not pregnant, you’re definitely not expecting twins, right?


"No twins," Jen confirmed, joking, "I’m still nauseous."


The Marley and Me star also expressed her gratitude to fans for even paying attention to her life, including the ups and downs of her relationships.


"That’s really nice to have so many fans," she says, adding, "I live a very charmed life."

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