As recently reunited couple John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston try once more to give romance a try, OK! has learned that that actress has put one big condition on her rock star boyfriend: Keep your mouth shut about our relationship and stop blogging about your personal life!


“Jen is fanatical about keeping her relationships private,” an insider tells OK!, adding that the former Friends star was “horrified" when John spoke publicly to OK! on a New York City street about their August breakup.


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At the time, John ungallantly claimed he was the one who dumped Jen, giving startled fans and reporters a soliloquy about their split. “I ended a relationship because there was no lying,” he declared. “I ended a relationship to be alone because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if something’s not right.”


John’s kiss-and-tell antics had Jen-watchers believing the singer was arrogant — and had exploited her for publicity. Months later, John would come back and beg Jen for a
second chance.

“She told him she wanted to get back together, too, but no more street-corner press conferences and blogging about her,” a Jen insider says. Desperate, John agreed.

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John seems to be taking Jen’s ultimatum seriously – so far. He’s been keeping mum to reporters in recent weeks, and in his Oct. 17 blog entry, he only raved about “brilliant” folksinger Ray LaMontagne, who inadvertently played cupid for the couple: Their first reunion date was at his Oct. 10 concert in Boston.


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