Even as audiences are hanging on every move Pam and Jim make in their romance on The Office—especially after Jim proposed to Pam at a gas station last week—Jenna Fischer thinks they still have a long way to go in terms of becoming an iconic TV couple.

"Ross and Rachel, Sam and Diane [of Cheers] and Moonlighting – those shows are still the top," Jenna told OK! at an event celebrating Tommy Hilfiger’s Bravo special, Ironic Iconic America Thursday night in Beverly Hills. "I’m not quite sure where we are. We’re maybe middle tier."

Although their fans might disagree with that assessment, exactly how would Jim and Pam reach that higher echelon of TV coupledom? Jenna says she’s not quite sure.

"It’s hard to ever be Ross and Rachel that’s for sure, [and] it’s hard to be Sam and Diane," she admits. "Maybe we’ll be the first couple to have a baby – oh, no I guess Ross and Rachel did that too. I don’t think there’s anything. We’ll have to see."



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