Jenni “JWOWW” Farley is expecting her second child soon and she’s making sure she’s prepared when it comes to having her hospital bag essentials ready to go on the big day since it’s suggested that by 35 weeks you have your bag packed up and ready to go in your car. While JWOWW has a list of important items she needs to make sure she and her baby have the smoothest experience. Jenni shared with OK! the 5 things many expecting moms don’t think about when it comes to feeling your best post-delivery. Check out her list of the extra must-haves that make that special moment even better!

1. The perfect newborn outfit to show baby off in: “When friends and family come to visit and want to take pictures, you want your newborn angel looking like perfection.”

2. 310 Nutrition Shake + shaker cup: “Perfect for both mommy and daddy to make a shake on the go! It gets pretty hectic and it’s always good to pack something to have that is quick and easy to make, good for you, and helps keep your energy up.”

3. JWOWW lotion: “Sometimes hospital lotion isn’t the greatest and you definitely want your skin feeling soft when you hold your precious baby for the first time.”

4. Small makeup kit: “It’s perfect for that little touch-up when it comes to taking those first pics of you with your baby. Plus I think it’s important to look and feel pretty the first time you meet your baby! Nothing wrong with freshening up before the first meeting!”

5. His first baby blanket: “Wrapping your baby up in his/her first blanket is one of the most memorable experiences and you want baby to have the softest blanket to cuddle into.”

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