Jennie Garth is no longer the wet-behind-the-ears youngster playing Kelly Taylor on Beverly Hills, 90210, she’s the more mature Jennie playing an adult Kelly on the new 90210. And you know what? She’s perfectly happy with that.


"I’m much older. I don’t know if you’ve noticed," she told reporters at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. "So my priorities are a little different."


"I’m so proud of the show," she adds. "To be a part of the original show that received a People’s Choice Award, meaning that the fans really loved it and embraced it, it was a great honor then and now to be doing the new show and being nominated for a People’s Choice Award [for Best New TV Drama] it’s like "What, how lucky can we be?’ "


In another stroke of luck, to add to the show’s mix of new characters interacting with the stars from the past, Jason Priestly and Tori Spelling will both be involved with 90210 in upcoming episodes – Tori on the screen and Jason behind the camera as a director.


"We’re very excited," Jennie gushes about the return of her former co-stars. "I could not be more excited. To have anyone from the original cast walk through the door I would be like, ‘Yes, thank God!’ because I just miss them and it’s not the same without them."

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