When Marie Osmond fainted on national television last night, the viewers at home weren’t the only ones worried.

“Her collapse did freak me out,” confesses fellow contestant Jennie Garth in her exclusive OK! blog. “We were watching backstage and all of a
sudden she just fell down. I knew right away that something bad was

According to Jennie, “a lot of people thought that she was joking and she was just
doing something silly, but I knew because she wasn’t moving and it
freaked me out so bad because I love her. She’s such a fun, wonderful
and positive person. We were all scared because we didn’t know what it

And lucky for everyone, the large Osmond family was on hand. “It wasn’t shocking to them because they knew what was
happening,” explains Jennie. “They didn’t panic at all and that made
me feel like everything was going to be okay.”

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