While it might be strange for fans of the original Beverly Hills: 90210 to see Kelly Taylor as a mother 90210, Jennie Garth is even more of a mom in real life.


“I love getting little home-made things from the girls," Jennie tells GlamourTV in Episode 3 of Moms Working It of her three daughters with husband and fellow actor, Peter Facinelli. "They go to great lengths to make me presents.  Even if they’re like little scribbles on the back of my grocery list,  or something.”


So how does she embarrass her girls?


"Whenever the Jonas Brothers come on TV I freak out," she confesses. "Cause they’re so cute. And, one time we met the Jonas Brothers and I couldn’t hold it in, and my 10-year old daughter was mortified.”


Everything else, she says, she learned from her mother, although she does have her limits.


"There’s nothing I can’t do and I know that because my mom taught me that. And I saw my mom doing anything and everything.  Although I won’t clean a fish.”

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