Of all the advice Ian Ziering has given Jennie Garth for
Dancing With the Stars, the actress has taken one to heart.

“He told me to take a lot of hot baths which I do,” Jennie says at the American
Music Awards. “I get up in the morning and I have to get in a hot tub just so I
can function. Even if it’s just for like two minutes to warm my muscles up.”

The 35-year-old will test those muscles tonight in the semifinals of the ABC
hit. Ian made it to the same stage last season before being eliminated and
Jennie hopes to make it a step further, especially with all the fan support
from her Beverly Hills
days. Seven years after the FOX sudsy drama left the posh zip code, the
public still knows and loves her as Kelly Taylor, but Jennie doesn’t mind.

“I mean that’s how I know when I look at someone that I grew
up watching on TV,” she says. “You can’t get that out of your head no
matter what you do, but the fans of 90210 are so faithful and follow me through
all of the different things I’ve done and now they’re out there rooting for me
on the dancing show is so it’s great.”

Her supporters extend beyond 90210 fans. The blonde beauty
received some kudos from the Queen herself — Queen Latifah on the red carpet.

“I didn’t meet even meet her when she came on the show, but
she said, ‘You’re doing a great job.’ She gave me a hug.

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