October 2

Hi there!

Sorry for the delay! I’ve been busy all day working on our
next dance – the tango! But of course, I have to take time out to talk
to you guys! And I suppose we must address what I know you’re all
thinking about – our little fall on the dance floor last night.

I guess it might have been hard to tell what happened if
you were watching on television, but Derek slipped on my dress and we
both went down. We only had one dress rehearsal and I guess you might
say it was a wardrobe malfunction!

I have to admit I was a bit embarrassed, but isn’t falling always
embarrassing?! What I was most upset about was that the fall happened
at the end – our finale to our quickstep, which we had worked so hard
on! We practiced it and did it perfectly so many times. I wanted to see
our hard work pay off on the show and I wanted everyone at home to see
how much I have been working on my dancing!

I’ve been lucky that my family has been there to support me through all
of this. They were in the audience last night and I felt better as soon
as I saw my husband and daughter smiling at me. I know they are proud
of me no matter what.

The night was also hard because I haven’t been feeling well lately and have – if you watched last night – lost my voice! It’s lucky for me that this is a blog, which means I get to type, and that Dancing with the Stars
is just dancing, because my voice is pretty much gone. I’ve been a bit
under the weather and with our workout schedule I haven’t really had
time to recoup. This may work to my advantage. We’ll have to see on
Monday, but let’s just say I’ve been a much better listener.

And trust me, I’ve been listening intently to Derek
– the most amazing partner. Really! I couldn’t have asked for a better
teacher and friend. Of course rehearsals are filled with work, but
Derek and I always have fun and are able to laugh with and at each
other, as you may have seen last night in the rehearsal clip!

Next week we’re doing the tango — it’s a sexy dance with a
lot of fun moves. Like I said in my interview on the show last night:
when Derek asks me to look at him as a strapping, leading man I do my
best to see it in him…and not laugh too much!

Well tonight is the results show, which I am very nervous
about. I just want to thank everyone in advance who has voted for us!
We really appreciate your support. Cross your fingers! I’ll give you
another update later!

– Jennie

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