Hey guys!

I’m sorry to keep you all waiting for so long, but I’ve been — what
else? — rehearsing the last few days, so it’s just been dance, dance,
dance! But now it’s time for a break to give you all an update on my

I’ve been hard at work on it and feel like I’m finally getting the hang
of it. It’s a super sexy dance and I’m excited to perform it tonight. I
hope everyone can watch — it’s going to be a good one!

I’ve been dancing for a while now and I have definitely seen a lot of
improvement, but I can’t say that dancing each week is getting easier.
I’ll admit I naively thought that at the beginning, but now I’m finding
that each dance comes with its own set of obstacles, which Derek and I
work together to overcome. I think we make a great team! Really in the
end of it all it’s about having fun, right?!

As I’ve mentioned before, all this dancing has made my muscles pretty
sore and to remedy that I take hot baths with muscle stuff, but all the
soreness does have its upsides — I have on occasion received a foot

That’s all for now — got to get back to my tango! I hope you all will be watching tonight. It’s the top ten now, and Jane Seymour
is back! As I’m sure you all know, she lost her mother last week but is
continuing on with the competition in her honor, which I greatly
admire. She is a strong, amazing woman, and I support her decision no
matter what it is! I’m sure she’ll do great tonight!

I’ll give an update after tonight’s show, but don’t forget to vote at ABC!

– Jennie

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