Jennifer Aniston might be busy with acting these days, but she’s also had a taste of directorial power, and she definitely liked it.


"I directed a short a few years ago with Glamour," she tells CBS’ The Early Show. "I really enjoyed the process. The editing room was one of my favorite parts of it. Pull it all apart and put it back together again."




Being the one to call the shots behind the camera may have leaked a little bit into her projects since then, as Jen admits, "I’m always a little bossy" on set.


That bossiness doesn’t translate to telling her friends "he’s just not that into you" in real life, however. Jen says she’s never had to break that news to a pal.


"I think it’s pretty clear that he is or isn’t. I have had people say, ‘Honey, I think he’s gay,’ " she confesses.


So once you find someone who is that into you, what would Jen suggest as the perfect date?


"Simple. Go to a great restaurant have a great conversation. Walk on a beach if there is one to be walked on," she advises.


If it were that easy, maybe we’d all be dating John Mayer!



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