Oprah Winfrey got a little help from her Friends for Oprah’s Big Give — or just one in particular.

Jennifer Aniston will be a featured guest on the upcoming feel-good show, teaming up with Jamie Oliver to help 10 people give back to others, and the chef could not imagine working with anyone else for the show.

"Jennifer’s a friend of mine, she’s a beautiful, beautiful character," he tells OK!. "She was perfect to be a part of Oprah’s Big Give because that’s her personality — she’s a beautiful, giving person. It was lovely to have her involved, to have a friend be involved in the same show as me, and she comes along to one of the shows to pat the winners on the back."

The two became fast friends years ago when the actress invited Jamie, 32, to cook for then-hubby Brad Pitt‘s birthday party after seeing him on TV. And speaking of television, Jamie adds that what you see is what you get with the 39-year-old Emmy winner.

"She’s the same in real life as everyone thinks she is on telly, you know?" he says.

Oprah’s Big Give premieres on March 2, but the details of Jen and Jamie’s episode is being kept under wraps. However, the show’s executive producer, Ellen Rakieten, promises something big from these philanthropic buddies, who really are ,well, good Friends.

"She comes on one of the shows and delivers a really big surprise, something nobody expected," she tells OK!. "I always say that she’s everybody’s favorite Friend, and that’s absolutely what she’s like in real life. I had the pleasure of going out to dinner with Jamie, Jennifer and some other friends the night before and she really truly is the sweetest person you’ve ever met. Jen gets a kick out of everything Jamie says. They’re buds and it was fun to be able to see that."

By John-Paul Anthony

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