Who knew Jennifer Aniston could sing? In upcoming flick The Goree Girls, Jen will stretch her vocal chords to play a sister in a family country western band. On today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ellen manages to coax the Love Happens star into singing a few notes.

“I’ve sung a tune or two,” Jen admits.

“Do you want to sing now?” asks Ellen.

Despite her protests, Jen sings a few lines of “I’ve Got a Crush on You” a cappella, insisting afterwards, “I’m absolutely mortified.”

Jen Aniston sings for Ellen DeGeneres

However Ellen, who is the new fourth judge for the next season of American Idol, is a fan, adding, “I would put you through to the next round.”

It wouldn’t be an interview with Jen without bringing up her dating life, of course.

“I’m not asking who you’re dating but… also not only just who you’re dating but your devastated,” Ellen explains. “They’re always saying you’re devastated. You don’t look devastated.”

“I know,” replies Jen. “I don’t know how I get that end of the story every time.

“How come you’re not devastating people?”

“I don’t know?” admits Jen.

“They should be devastated,” quips Ellen.

“Well, how do I do that?  I have to talk to those people… that are writing up those stories,” Jen jokes.

Next up in news — men all over the world admit to having been devastated for love of Jennifer Aniston.

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