Jennifer Hudson isn’t ashamed to whip out the baby photos of son David Daniel Otunga Jr. on the red carpet! Jennifer appeared at the 2009 Whitney Museum of America Art Gala on Monday and told reporters all about her life as a new mother and the joy it has brought to her family. Jennifer and her husband David Otunga‘s lives have changed a lot since the birth of their son, but all for the better.

“Oh my God, I mean, it’s just that more amazing,” she gushed. “We have a family now and it’s like, wow, it’s three of us. At first, it was two of us and now it’s actually three of us.”

Jennifer added that motherhood has made her more affectionate and emotional, explaining, “I look out into the world and see things totally different now just because I have a child now.”

The world would look different after having to wake up in the middle of the night, but Jennifer doesn’t mind at all.

“I like to get up with him in the middle of the night,” she admits. “Sometimes dad does, but I like to because to me that’s the best time. Just waiting, like, ‘Is he up yet? Is he up?’ Especially if his father’s had him during the evening part of the day and I miss him. I’m like, ‘When is he going to wake up? I’m ready to get some.”

The time Jennifer does allow just to herself is when she’s working off the baby weight. So how does she do it?

“Walking. I get up and walk 45 minutes to an hour every day and make sure I try to eat right every day.”

The inspiration Jennifer draws for being a good mother is her own mom, who was killed last year. Jennifer admitted that if her mother were around, “Well, my mom would have taken over everything. I probably wouldn’t have even gotten a chance to be a mom.”

Jennifer admits she aspires to be like her mother “through strength, you know, because she was so strong. Just to be strong like her.”

Reporting by Valerie Nome

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