Working alongside famously petite style icon Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the super-svelte cast of the upcoming Sex and the City film would be enough to make most any woman self-conscious about her figure — but not Jennifer Hudson!

“I have the height of a model, the breasts that people pay for and the lips that everybody wants, so why should I change?” the 26-year-old Oscar-winner asked at the Oct. 30 Avon Foundation Gala in NYC. “I wouldn’t change myself for anything or anybody. That will never happen.”

So how is life on the set for the new girl? “I’m loving it,” the Dreamgirls star says. “I’m learning a lot. I feel like I’m at the head of the class in school.”

Oh yeah — and then there’s the show’s infamous wardrobe.“It’s amazing!” yelps Jennifer. “The first day I went to my fitting, and I was like, ‘Wow, you picked that for me?’ ”

By Valerie Nome

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