Jennifer Lopez, our favorite Fly Girl turned television cop, is the mother of a rambunctious pair of twins, Emme and Max, who are known to be a bit of a handful. The Shades of Blue actress has enlisted the help of co- star Ray Liotta in keeping the twins well-behaved while on set.

“Ray and Jennifer spend a lot of time together and that’s translated into Jennifer having a really interesting relationship with Ray’s daughter Karsen, too,” a source told OK! exclusively. “[JLo] has been getting advice about how to parent her twins [Max and Emme], who are a real handful and full of so much energy. She never expected that Ray would be this genius dad but that’s exactly what she sees in him.”

Despite the kids’ wild ways, Ray and Jennifer have proven that they are a winning duo when it comes to calming kids. “Somehow Jennifer has managed to control those two kids and get them to behave like perfect angels on the set,” the insider said. “They do not speak unless spoken to and are very still and focused, which is crazy because people working on the show were expecting them to be a nightmare.”

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