If you worked out as much as Jennifer Lopez apparently does then maybe you’d also want to put on an skintight shimmery catsuit and have a guy lift you above his head on New Year’s Eve — just because you can!

“It’s true I could serve coffee using my rear as a ledge, but I’m proud of my butt,” Jennifer told the New York Post.  “A dress shouldn’t look like a coat hanger. Skinny girls miss out.”

So how does she get the figure — and a butt — she’s so proud of?


Jennifer said her personal trainers got her hooked to it as a way to get in shape for her 1998 role in Out of Sight.

She claims to have a “wild side” that the sport goes perfectly with and helps her with her cardiovascular work-out.

In addition to boxing, J.Lo runs, does weights, uses StairMaster and does “light circuit training and cardio” several times a week and “biking, weight machines and lunges to keep those thigh muscles firm.”

Getting into her New Year’s Eve outfit must have quite the work-out as well!

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