Jenny McCarthy‘s son, Evan, is a pretty lucky little boy. Who else gets to goof around with Jim Carrey? OK! spoke to Jenny, 36, at FAO Schwarz at Macy’s in Miami, where she talked about her new book and why she considers her 3-year relationship with Carrey a blessing.

"It’s great. Honestly I’m so blessed," she says. "His characters are way better than mine."

When it comes to playtime, Jenny says Evan and Jim amaze her with their creativity. "He [Evan] came out of his bedroom dressed as Darth Vader and started to recite some of the dialogue and Jim, I guess every guy knows the complete dialogue to Star Wars,  completely picked up the dialogue and they had an entire scene together," she recalls. "It was the most surprising, awesome thing a mom could ever witness."

Other than Star Wars, McCarthy says her son is into "dinosaurs and flying dragons, anthing that can destroy people."


Evan, 5, was diagnosed with Autism shortly after turning 2. McCarthy has written a new book, Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds, which details her struggle with raising an Austistic child.

"A mother warrior is a mom who never gives up hope no matter how hard the situation is in front of her," she says. "She’s a mom who will break down walls and do anything, even go against mainstream authority if it means saving her child and those are the women that I walk with now."


Evan is doing well now, but Jenny says it takes all of her energy to focus on his well-being. "I’m so grateful I’m not having any more children because I got my butt kicked so bad with Autism, I feel like my energy is best served continuing Evan’s progress and helping thousands of other moms who need direction to get their kids better," she says.

With all of the hard work she puts in each day, does she ever take time out for herself?

"I always make sure I do something for myself even if it’s taking a bath twice a week with no one bothering me," she tells OK!. "But in terms of balance and being a mom there’s really no such thing. It’s always lopsided. I do get some ‘me’ time when I travel and I’m in a hotel room by myself and I watch Judge Judy."


While she says she’s never "really been into TV," Jenny admits that Jim has helped get her into one particular show. "Jim’s just got me really into House," she says. "We bought the DVD season and watch them back-to-back-to-back and I love it because there’s so much medical stuff that I learned with healing Evan that I kind of know what he’s talking about now."

But, she adds, "My favorite average night at home is shopping on while watching TV, because I have to be doing two things at the same time otherwise I lose my mind!"

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