When SHAPE featured the gorgeous and fit Jenny McCarthy on the June cover, the 42-year-old revealed she doesn’t spend hours at the gym or with a personal trainer to maintain her toned physique—and she hasn’t stepped on a scale in over a decade!

Between a SiriusXM radio show and comedy tour, Dirty Sexy Funny, the busy model-turned-actress (-turned-comedian-turned-author!) doesn’t have a lot of time to spare and relies on one secret weapon for maintaining her hot body. It’s Zantrex SkinnyStix, a fruity, single-portion drink powder that she says she drinks once or twice a day throughout the week.

“I’m always on the go, and they’re convenient to have in my bag and mix with water. I really notice a difference when I’m sipping on them because it not only keeps up my energy on long days, but it also helps with my mood,” she says. “Plus, they’re a great addition to my cocktail! I love a Cosmo made with SkinnyStix Berry Fusion and vodka.”

McCarthy also loves going on bike rides with her son, Evan, and her husband of five months, Donnie Wahlberg, star of CBS’s Blue Bloods (and founding member of ’80s boy band New Kids on the Block). While the star says she’s minimized her workouts with the assistance of SkinnyStix, she does like to walk on the treadmill 3 days a week at a 7 incline for 3.5 miles. Plus, see her 10-minute, no-equipment, total-body sculpting workout!

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