Jennifer Aniston has played light and funny in her movies, she’s done the dark and brooding indie flicks and she’s been down the onscreen pregnancy road. But in her latest movie, Marley & Me, the Friends star is playing a new role: wife, mother and devoted pet owner.


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Her connection to the movie started last Christmas when she received three copies of the John Grogan book, about a husband and wife and their bad dog, for Christmas.


"I thought, this isn’t a book I’m going to sit down and read, because it’s got a dog on the cover," she tells the Los Angeles Times. "I don’t know why I had that weird prejudice against it." As for the movie’s script, she was also less than optimistic. "I was like ‘Uck, a dog movie?’ "


But  Jen learned to love the story, including her co-stars, which included Owen Wilson as her husband, and eight different actors playing their three children throughout the years. 


"It was perfect. Everybody was in love with everybody," she reveals. "Owen Wilson is so divine in this film," she says of her onscreen husband. "I’ve never seen him play a part like this. He was a man; he was a husband; he was a father. And I feel like, how brave of him, to walk through the year that he walked through."


And after a string of not-so-successful film, Jen seems to be riding high on Marley & Me, which she says combines both the indie flick feel and the big studio movie. 


"When you actually can have [the finished film] be as fantastic and fulfilling as the experience itself was, it’s called a home run," she says. "A creative, emotional home run. Those moments don’t happen that often."

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